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Inviting you to observe aspects of American life through the lens of Blackness.


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Hi, I'm Chazz

Chazz Williams, Mental Health and social justice blogger, Saxophonist and Percussionist.  Chazz’s music is a breath of fresh air and moves you, while his words will cut and soothe you.  He is honest and transparent and he puts his heart and soul into each endeavor.  If you’re courageous, take the journey with him.  You will never regret it. 

The assumption that many who identify as white make about racism, is that only bad individuals, who intentionally harm or dislike black people are racist. Not so...many of your best friends are Black. 

As you read my blogs I will challenge you, and I hope your discomfort doesn't tempt you to invalidate my experience.

My writings will often expose pervasive white supremacy and you may find it upsetting. But if your response is to weaponize your emotions with the intention of backing me off of you, then I invite you to recognize that perhaps this may be your attempt to return to the comfort of your white equilibrium. 

Friends, if you care, stay out here. Be vulnerable and be willing to break from white solidarity.

I'm not asking too much of you.

-Chazz Williams

Lenox & Malcolm X


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